ART-XC: Astronomical Roentgen Telescope – X-ray Concentrator

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The ART-XC North Ecliptic Pole Survey

NEP exposure map

Through an agreement between NASA and the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI), joint data rights are shared for all survey data taken within a 200 square degree deep-field region centered on the North ecliptic pole (NEP). Although at present the planned 4-year all-sky eROSITA/ART-XC survey has been suspended, much of the NEP region has either been observed during the survey (approximately two years duration) or subsequently scanned by ART-XC resulting in the exposure map shown on the left. (NB: The 10x10-sq. arcsecond pixel exposure map has been binned by 2 so that the numerical scale on the color bar should be divided by 4). This map shows the celestial coordinates of the NEP region overlaid and a 16-degree diameter circle tracing the outline of the NEP shared data region. The deepest exposure is where the survey orbits overlap at the survey pole, R.A. 270.0 degree, Decl. 66.5607 degree (J2000).

ART orbit

The distribution of exposure duration for the NEP region is shown to the right. This figure shows the bulk of the area within the NEP has been observed to a depth of about 1000-3000 seconds. The deepest exposure is at the ecliptic pole where the exposure is as high as 60 ks. Some small areas around the perimeter of the NEP currently have less than 1000 seconds of exposure.