PLT is an interactive plotting and fitting facility. When it is time to plot the data you will be prompted for a plotting device. There are three valid responses: Type ? to get a list of legal devices. Type > to go directly into command mode (no plot is produced). Or input a valid device and the plot will be produced on that device.

PLT does not distinguish between upper and lower case. In this documentation upper case is used to denote the shortest unique abbreviation.

CLear COlor CONtour CPD CQuit CSize Device DGroup Error EXit
Fit FNy FOnt FReeze GAp Grid Hardcopy HElp IMAge IMOdel
Info LAbel LIne LOCation LOg LStyle LWidth MArker MMaster MOdel
Newpar PAper Plot PRompt Rescale SCr SEt SHow SKip STatistics
THaw Time Uncertain UPper VErsion Viewport WData WEnviron WHead WIndow
WModel Xaxis YAxis Yplot $ @ fortran history QDP_commands

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