Show version numbers of LEXTRCT, FITSIO, and PGPLOT.

2015-06-15 - SFind SET/SHOW fit STatistic.
2015-06-11 - SFITN freeze first parameter that model is insensitive to.
2015-06-02 - Fix SMooth # only reading two digits.
2014-09-05 - A linear transformation if either ftwldp or ftxypx fails.
2014-04-02 - Add Polygon to allowed bounds.
2014-03-20 - Find WCS in certain files.
2014-02-07 - Using SF Interrogate position now reports error if off array.
2014-02-06 - If MB File finds both RA/Dec and X/Y then use RA/Dec.
2013-07-19 - Fix calling sequence problem that could segfault xt command.
2013-05-21 - Fix problem with closing log file when using g95.
2012-06-07 - Better output when GTBUF_EDIT=off.
2012-03-30 - Only allow HMS input for RA/Dec type coordinates.
2012-03-29 - Use double precison when reading decimal deg RA/Dec.
2011-12-07 - Fix plotting bug in rcproj.
2011-07-14 - If no GTI, try to use FITS keywords to get integration time.
2011-05-26 - If lextrct caculates GTI approximation, assume time is sorted.
2011-05-25 - Internal changes to tidy up handling data/back/subracted images.
2011-04-26 - SF option changed to SEt FRee PWN for more control.
2011-04-26 - Source fitting was not deleting bad sources correctly.
2011-02-18 - BOUSTR now displays the correct radii for ellipses.
2011-02-10 - Can now enter set psf sig 1.5_sec.
2011-02-09 - Kludge rfwcs to handle MDI data.
2010-12-06 - Add livetime to SF output files.
2010-12-01 - Fix bug in BP (Box project).
2010-09-21 - If no sky coords, SF no longer writes useless RA/DEC columns.
2010-06-21 - lextrct could get lost reading data if file contains no GTI.
2010-06-07 - OS can again read SIG for circular regions from file.
2010-05-14 - SF> FF uses sigma from file to enlarge region if needed.
2010-03-12 - OS would sometimes incorrectly plot circles instead of ellipses.
2010-02-05 - FITS column stime treated as a TIME column.
2009-07-28 - Increase max columns to consider from 99 to 999.
2009-06-30 - Fix BP failing if data array is not perfectly square.
2009-05-07 - Force const.GE.0 in FF (guess is wrong when ifac.NE.1).
2009-04-30 - If possible, SF> FF uses initial parameters from the input file.
2009-04-27 - Use PSGELL in mbad and sorplot to hide PSF details.
2009-04-23 - Do a better job at reading GTIs in XMM files (again).
2009-04-22 - if sigx, sigy, theta in file and OS uses _sig then plot ellipses.
2009-04-13 - Correctly handle cunit='arcsec' in FITS images.
2009-04-01 - Added the BP (BoxProject) command.
2009-03-04 - Fix bug where xh was not setting correct exposure time.
2009-03-02 - Fix seg fault with TMap and long output lines.
2009-02-23 - IScale Min now works correctly if compression<>1.
2009-02-19 - Handle non RA/Dec coordinates slightly better in os.
2008-09-03 - XG now allows dead zone between source and background regions.
2008-08-06 - Correctly handle RA/Dec in reverse order (some SDSS data).
2008-08-05 - XGrate without summing now places zero order at nchan/2.
2008-06-03 - The Back command uses same compression as Data for images.
2008-05-07 - When extension list presented, user can enter extension name.
2007-09-04 - Fixed GTI bug introduced by last change.
2007-07-18 - Better handle imcomplete implementation of ccd_id in FITS file.
2007-06-21 - If column name contains substring 'TIME' use it for time.
2007-02-15 - Fix bugs introduced by previous change...
2007-01-09 - Do a better job at reading GTIs in XMM files.
2006-11-16 - Fix problem when using ff on a file with sources.
2006-10-23 - Cell Detect works (again).
2006-10-03 - Internal change for set/sho dis ci.
2006-10-02 - Fix some negative 0 (Dec) problems.
2006-09-28 - Fix cu w 12 55 13.0, 0 7 3 getting a negative DEC.
2006-07-17 - Now handles negative TIMEs in FITS file.
2006-07-07 - OGrid can now use xx.5 and xx.2 for sec of RA.
2006-06-15 - Improve calculation of is2/ib2 in sfmue, sfcnts, cdtect sources.
2006-04-27 - Fix one bin LC's when user specifies start/stop times.
2006-04-26 - Fix integer overflow when dealing with HRC timing.
2006-03-28 - Fix seg fault when source finding handed garbage.
2006-03-14 - Add space when writing OS labels.
2006-01-26 - os can deal with duplicate column names in file.
2006-01-23 - Added (experimental) SF> C filename command.
2006-01-20 - SF> f1 command no longer wants an output filename.
2006-01-18 - rcp now sends a WIN ALL to PLT (if you have to ask...)
2005-10-26 - Read EXPTIME even if it is a string (why would SDSS do this?)
2005-10-17 - XT now uses GTI and not last point in LC to set stop time.
2005-10-06 - Removed the built-in NG2 model.  Speed up moffat source finding.
2005-09-22 - Add Use command.
2005-08-18 - MBad file will no longer use 'XCEN' if 'X' does not exist.
2005-07-19 - Can now use 2x2 matrix in WCS conversions.
2005-06-27 - MBad File and XHisto now call FRELUN to free LUNs.
2005-06-03 - Fix minor bug that sometimes caused to OS to plot nothing.
2005-04-27 - SF> ff now has better error handling.
2005-02-12 - MB File now works if file only contains RA and Dec.
2005-02-10 - Ensure background region larger than source region in sf.
2004-12-14 - Stat uses expected counts in error, if observed counts is smaller.
2004-11-10 - More space (when needed) for Dec labels in OGrid.
2004-08-20 - Fix problem with plotting with SF> p @ file .
2004-08-09 - Prevent the SF fmodel array from overwriting the PSF array.
2004-07-29 - sf> ff now checks for RAJ2000, DEJ2000 in input file.
2004-07-27 - Read WCS keywords from Einstein file (sigh).
2004-07-16 - Better default offset/compression on second DAta read.
2004-07-08 - Now checks FITS images for integration time keywords.
2004-04-21 - Minor tweaks in set/sho input/output.
2004-04-13 - set psf model command added for ellipical PSF models.
2004-02-26 - SFITN forces all sources to have same shape parameters.
2004-02-25 - Added Moffat to possible star models.
2003-11-03 - Minor internal change in how WCS parameters are read.
2003-09-08 - Add DETNAM, SKYX, SKYY to output spectral files.
2003-07-22 - Make XC command work again.
2003-07-08 - Backscale was incorrect if inner bounds were outside outer bounds.
2003-06-17 - Read CD1_2 type keywords from IMAGE extension (ACS data).
2003-06-16 - Start phasing out i2chan array (fails if >32767 channels).
2003-06-11 - Circular bounds sometimes failed due to a REAL-->INTEGER problem.
2003-06-05 - If sum of PSF exceeds 1.02 then renormalize.
2003-06-04 - Default srad (is SF) is now 2.5 (was 1.8).
2003-06-03 - SF--counts now uses annulus between srad and brad as background.
2003-05-15 - Fix bug introduced by last change.
2003-05-06 - XT now plots ct/sec and not ct/sec/CCD.
2003-04-23 - MBad File added to mark bad source positions from a FITS file.
2003-04-23 - SF locate was not initializing excess to NO for invalid data.
2003-04-22 - If psf_sig is a valid column, the OSource uses the value read.
2003-04-22 - Add csize as optional last argument for OS.
2003-04-21 - SMooth now takes an optional argument for number of smooths.
2003-04-18 - Changed calculation of excess in source finding.
2003-01-23 - Add extra digit to decimal RA/Dec in the Cursor output.
2003-01-15 - Add MB PList command to mark pixels in bulk.
2002-10-24 - Add set free to SFit command.
2002-10-15 - xt only subtracts doff if the TIME fits column is used.
2002-07-10 - Bug in use of i2mask array, totally removed option for 2nd pass.
2002-07-03 - More options in source fitting output files.
2002-03-19 - Default background color is now white on all pgplot devices.
2002-02-07 - xh and xt now ignore pixels that the user has MBad'ed.
2002-02-06 - For Iscale, the offset is subtracted first, then pixel is scaled.
2002-01-22 - Increase rfdata/MXI to 10000 to read really BIG images.
2002-01-16 - SMooth now now ignores the NO data values.
2002-01-14 - MBad Row/Col does a better job of getting Row/Col correct.
2001-10-18 - Fix bug in WI/WF that generated incorrect images in some cases.
2001-10-10 - PLT ima hi now works on /xs device
2001-08-27 - User specified start time is used even if column not called TIME.
2001-08-23 - Source finding now requires local maximum in sest not SNR.
2001-08-22 - Source finding update, and OSource command added.
2001-07-24 - Restores correct behavior if GTI extension is missing.
2001-07-18 - Look for/Read GTI only if time column *begins* with "TIME".
2001-06-14 - Stats command now reports an error bar.
2001-06-07 - Quick fix to read IMAGE extensions.
2001-06-06 - If file contains one (non EVENTS) extension, use it.
2001-06-05 - Add set/sho fits gti [on|off]
2001-04-30 - Fixed bug which sometimes prevented TIMEDEL from being read.
2001-04-05 - Now includes TIMEZERO correction.
2001-03-07 - Histrogram equalization algorithm improved
2001-03-07 - Improved OG with Hubble data (very small FOV case)
2001-02-26 - In xgrate, if bwidth less than swidth, then no back spect written.
2001-01-18 - For indexed GTI's the time is now the average, not the sum
2000-12-08 - MB BO now uses the outer boundary
2000-09-29 - If no spectral column found, don't prompt for max value.
2000-08-28 - Source finding output file includes PSF data.
2000-08-23 - Bug fix to avoid crash on SGI.
2000-08-06 - Bounds now offers an ftools like rotated box region.
2000-07-26 - Hooked up source finding again.
2000-07-25 - More set/sho ins fwhw options.
2000-07-19 - Better value for offset if TLMIN value not integer.
2000-07-17 - XTime now (correctly) users INT instead of NINT.
2000-06-29 - Special kludge for CXC way of doing ACIS GTIs.
2000-06-28 - XT now only checks GTI if time column is TIME or BARYTIME.
2000-04-12 - XG can (optionally) sum +/- orders.
2000-04-12 - Improved information in .pha files.
2000-04-04 - User specified time limits now always apply.
2000-03-28 - Remove SUggest and OD commands.
2000-03-14 - WI/WF writes CTYPE (part of WCS) to the FITS file.
2000-03-13 - SMooth now smooths the current image (not always the DAta image).
2000-02-08 - Use BARYTIME column instead of runtime correction.
2000-02-03 - Don't create GTI's if not needed.
2000-02-02 - Add h,m and deg,min labels to ogrid.
1999-12-03 - ASKPOS now correctly initializes RA, DEC (if asked for).
1999-10-31 - The sequence "Plot S; data newfile; P" now works correctly.
1999-09-04 - XT writes counts to file, which TMR can correctly read.
1999-08-30 - The XG command correctly sets background scale in PHA files.
1999-08-19 - Better estimate of pixels in region when using compressed map.
1999-08-18 - Allow index column to be lower case.

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