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Research within MSFC's X-ray Astronomy Group encompasses a wide variety of fields with a major emphasis on X-ray observations using the Chandra X-ray Observatory. We also have a strong experimental research program in the development of X-ray optics and detectors. These and other research areas are described in the following pages. The table below provides a starting point for you to sample some of this diversity. A similar format is accessible from the links on the left which are repeated on (most) of the following pages for quick navigation.

So please choose a topic and learn more about X-ray astronomy at MSFC.

Experimental Astrophysics

Observations & Theory

Mirror Development

Intro to Chandra Science
High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO) Solar System Objects
Neutron Imaging Other Missions Crab Pulsar & Nebula

Detector Development

Neutron Stars
Silicon Drift Detectors Globular Clusters
CZT Detectors Proportional Counters Galaxies

Balloon Program

Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
X-ray Polarimetry Stars & Protostars
Minature Scanning Electron Microscopes Miscellany

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