[Artist's Concept of AXAF]

AXAF Project Science:
The AXAF Science Working Group


[Picture of the SWG members]

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SWG Members (left to right):

Andrew Wilson (IDS - U Maryland)
Andrew Fabian (IDS - Cambridge UK)
Jeffery Linsky (IDS - U Colorado)
Harvey Tannanbaum (ASC Director - SAO)
Alan Bunner (ex-officio - NASA/HQ)
Steven Holt (IDS - NASA/GSFC)
Martin Weisskopf (Chair - NASA/MSFC)
Riccardo Giacconi (IDS - ESO)
Albert Brinkman (IPI/LETG - SRON Netherlands)
Steven Murray (IPI/HRC - SAO)
Gordon Garmire (IPI/ACIS - Penn State)
Leon Van Speybroeck (Telescope Scientist - SAO)
Claude Canizares (IPI/HETG - MIT)
Richard Mushotzky (IDS - NASA/GSFC)

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