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X-ray Calibration


AXAF underwent an extensive calibration at Marshall's X-Ray Calibration Facility (see XRCF) beginning in the Fall of 1996 and completing in the summer of 1997. An overview of the calibration from the Project Science perspective, as reported to the latest Independent Annual Review, is available as well as our latest contribution to SPIE (30 MB, postscript) on the subject.

Individual Science Instrument, Grating, and Telescope Scientist teams, including Mission Support and Project Science, are completing Interim Reports. Also available are the Preliminary Reports from October 1997. As this is an effort involving many people in many places, the Calibration Analysis Team was created as a forum to discuss analysis issues and to communicate among all the participants. Links to other team member calibration pages are given below.

In addition to current events, numerous pre-calibration reports and reviews are also documented below.

Announcements & Recent Calibration Analysis Team (CAT) Communications

NOTE: As of July 1998, the Calibration Analysis Team does not formally meet.

Calibration Meetings and Schedules

Calibration Information Exchange & Data Products

The Calibration Interim Reports in gzip'ed PostScript format:

| HRC (3Mb,gzip'd) | HETG (5Mb,gzip'd) | Proj.Sci. (2Mb,gzip'd) |

Link to ACIS Interim Report in PDF format:

| ACIS (PSU) |

The Calibration Preliminary Reports (Oct 1997) in gzip'd PostScript:

| PS | ACIS | HRC (intro) | HRC-I | HRC-S | HRC (UV-Ion shield) | LETG (Part1) | LETG (Part2) | HETG | MST (1up) | MST (2up) |

AXAF CAT Links (verified 15 Mar 2000):


Pre-Calibration Reports & Reviews

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