[Artist's Concept of AXAF-I] Project Science: XSS Beam Maps


Numerous beam maps for the Electron Impact Point Source (EIPS), Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM), High-Resolution Erect-Field Spectrometer (HIREFS) reflection grating monochromator provide a measure of XSS beam uniformity.


Key to EIPS beam map plot filenames
No data yet


Key to DCM beam map plot filenames
Crystal_E0_TargetLine Unfiltered Beam Map of Line
Crystal_E0 Unfiltered Beam Map of Continuum
Crystal_E0_FilterK2 Filtered (tau=2) Beam Map with Gradient Correction
Crystal_E0_FilterK4 Filtered (tau=4) Beam Map with Gradient Correction

Key to DCM transmission map plot filenames
Crystal_E0_FilterK20 (Filtered/Gradient)_tau=2 / Unfiltered
Crystal_E0_FilterK40 (Filtered/Gradient)_tau=4 / Unfiltered
Crystal_E0_FilterK42 (Filtered/Gradient)_tau4/(Filtered/Gradient)_tau2

DCM Beammaps
Crystal E0 (keV) Filter ID Plot Image Comments
TAP 0.886 e 0/w 0 TAP_0p886 Narrow Beam; misaligned?
TAP_0p886_m Measured Map
TAP_0p886_d Deconvolved Map
e18/w 0 TAP_0p886_CuL20 Gradient to +Y
0.971 e 0/w 0 TAP_0p971 Spot instead of slit?
1.238 e 5/w 0 TAP_1p238_MgK2 Slit not visible? - Spot?
1.481 e 0/w 0 TAP_1p481 Gradient to -Z; misaligned?
TAP_1p481_m Measured Map
TAP_1p481_d Deconvolved Map
e 6/w 0 TAP_1p481_AlK20 Slight gradient to +Y
e 0/w 6 TAP_1p481_AlK40 Gradient to +Y
e 6/w 6 TAP_1p481_AlK42 Gradient to +Y with spot
1.7754 e 0/w 0 TAP_1p7754_WMalpha1 Gradient to -Z
2.112 e 0/w 0 TAP_2p112 Gradients to +/-Z
TAP_2p112_m Measured Map
TAP_2p112_d Deconvolved Map
e20/w 0 TAP_2p112_ZrL20 Ridge at Y ~ -35 cm?
e 0/w20 TAP_2p112_ZrL40 Ridge at Y ~ -35 cm?
e20/w20 TAP_2p112_ZrL42 Ridge at Y ~ -35 cm?
2.120 e 0/w 0 TAP_2p120 Gradients to +/-Z
2.252 e 0/w 0 TAP_2p252 Gradients to +/-Z
TAP_2p252 Gradients to +/-Z
TAP_2p252 Gradients to +/-Z
e22/w 0 TAP_2p252_NbL20 Small ridge at Y ~ -35 cm?
e 0/w22 TAP_2p252_NbL40 Gradients to +/- Y; ridge
e22/w22 TAP_2p252_NbL42 Gradients to +/- Y
Ge 3.183 e23/w 0 Ge_3p183_AgL2 Narrow beam; misaligned?
4.718 e 0/w 0 Ge_4p718 Some Y variation over HRMA
Ge_4p718_m Measured Map
Ge_4p718_d Deconvolved Map
e 0/w 7 Ge_4p718_TiK40 Slight gradient to -Y
5.192 e 0/w 0 Ge_5p192 Some Y variation over HRMA
Ge_5p192_m Measured Map
Ge_5p192_d Deconvolved Map
e 9/w 0 Ge_5p192_VK20 Some non-uniformity
6.576 e12/w 0 Ge_6p576_FeK2 Some Y variation over HRMA
e 0/w12 Ge_6p576_FeK4 Some Y variation over HRMA
e12/w12 Ge_6p576_FeK42 Some non-uniformity
7.324 e 0/w 0 Ge_7p324 Narrow beam; misaligned?
Ge_7p324_m Measured Map
Ge_7p324_d Deconvolved Map
e14/w 0 Ge_7p324_CoK20 Very slight nonuniformities
e 0/w14 Ge_7p324_CoK40 Gradients to +/-Y
e14/w14 Ge_7p324_CoK42 Gradients to +/-Y
7.916 e 0/w15 Ge_7p916_NiK4 Some Y variation over HRMA
8.530 e 0/w 0 Ge_8p530 Gradient to -Z
Ge_8p530_m Measured Map
Ge_8p530_d Deconvolved Map
e17/w 0 Ge_8p530_CuK20 Slight gradients
e 0/w17 Ge_8p530_CuK40 Slight gradients
e17/w17 Ge_8p530_CuK42 Slight gradients
e17/w17 Ge_8p530_CuK42 Slight gradients
aSi 8.530 e 0/w 0 aSi_8p530 Y&Z variation over HRMA
aSi_8p530_m Measured Map
aSi_8p530_d Deconvolved Map
9.387 e26/w 0 aSi_9p387_TaL2 Y&Z variation over HRMA, No tau data -> uncorrected
11.323 e 0/w 0 aSi_11p323 Narrow beam; misaligned?
aSi_11p323_m Measured Map
aSi_11p323_d Deconvolved Map
e25/w 0 aSi_11p323_AuL20 Gradient to -Y, No tau data -> uncorrected


Key to HIREFS beam map plot filenames
Grating_E0 Unfiltered Beam Map

Key to HIREFS transmission map plot filenames
Grating_E0_FilterK20 Filtered_tau=2 / Unfiltered
Grating_E0_FilterK40 Filtered_tau=4 / Unfiltered
Grating_E0_FilterK42 Filtered_tau=4/ Filtered_tau=2

HIREFS Beammaps
Grating E0 (keV) Filter ID Plot Filename Comments
SB 0.106 e 0/w 0 SB_0p106 weak (Y,Z) variations across HRMA
SB_0p106_m Measured Map
SB_0p106_d Deconvolved Map
0.179 e 0/w 0 SB_0p179 Y,Z variations across HRMA
SB_0p179_m Measured Map
SB_0p179_d Deconvolved Map
e31/w 0 SB_0p179_BK20 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
e 0/w31 SB_0p179_BK40 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
e31/w31 SB_0p179_BK42 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
0.213 e 0/w 0 SB_0p213 Y,Z variations across HRMA
SB_0p213_m Measured Map
SB_0p213_d Deconvolved Map
e30/w 0 SB_0p213_BeK20 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
e 0/w30 SB_0p213_BeK40 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
e30/w30 SB_0p213_BeK42 Smooth with smaller ridge
0.248 e 0/w 0 SB_0p248_m83 Astig -83; strong Z variations
e 0/w 0 SB_0p248_m87 Astig -87; strong Z variations
0.270 e 0/w 0 SB_0p270 Y,Z variations across HRMA
SB_0p270_m Measured Map
SB_0p270_d Deconvolved Map
e 3/w 0 SB_0p270_CK20 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
e 0/w 3 SB_0p270_CK40 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
e 3/w 3 SB_0p270_CK42 Smooth but ridge at Y ~ +100 cm
SA 0.431 e 0/w 0 SA_0p431 Y,weak Z variations across HRMA
SA_0p431_m Measured Map
SA_0p431_d Deconvolved Map
0.525 e 0/w 0 SA_0p525 Y,weak Z variations across HRMA
SA_0p525_m Measured Map
SA_0p525_d Deconvolved Map
0.672 e 0/w 0 SA_0p672 Y,weak Z variations across HRMA
SA_0p672_m Measured Map
SA_0p672_d Deconvolved Map
0.811 e 0/w 0 SA_0p811 Y,weak Z variations across HRMA
SA_0p811_m Measured Map
SA_0p811_d Deconvolved Map
0.887 e 0/w 0 SA_0p887 Y,weak Z variations across HRMA
SA_0p887_m Measured Map
SA_0p887_d Deconvolved Map
0.972 SA_0p972 Y,weak Z variations across HRMA
SA_0p972_m Measured Map
SA_0p972_d Deconvolved Map
SX 1.239 e 0/w 0 SX_1p239 Y,Z variations across HRMA
SX_1p239_m Measured Map
SX_1p239_d Deconvolved Map
1.483 SX_1p483 Y,Z variations across HRMA
SX_1p483_m Measured Map
SX_1p483_d Deconvolved Map

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