[Artist's Concept of AXAF-I] Project Science: Bi-Spectrograms


A Catalog of Bi-Spectrograms from the XRCF Calibration

The following catalog of x-ray bi-spectrograms (in GIF format) were obtained using the RAS and either the HIREFS or DCM monochromator in conjunction with the FPC detector. They represent FPC pulse height spectra as functions of the monochromator wavelength (or energy) setting. The latter is varied monotonically while data is accumulated. These spectra provide qualitative information for use as as planning tools for calibration activities.

The HIREFS monochromator uses either the SA, SB, SC, or SX grating. The DCM monochromator uses either the TAP, Ge, aSi, or KDP crystal pair.

Table of Contents

* Coarse Scan: RAS/HIREFS:SA
* Coarse Scan: RAS/HIREFS:SX
* Fine Scan: RAS/HIREFS:SX (Tungsten Ma & Mb)
* Fine Scan: RAS/HIREFS:SX (Tungsten Mc)
* Coarse Scan: RAS/HIREFS:SB
* Coarse Scan: RAS/HIREFS:SC
* Coarse Scan: RAS/DCM:TAP
* Coarse Scan: RAS/DCM:Ge
* Coarse Scan: RAS/DCM:KDP
* Coarse Scan: RAS/DCM:aSi
* Fine Scan: RAS/DCM:TAP
* Fine Scan: RAS/DCM:Ge

Some of the data displayed in the above documents are available in ascii tables. These include:

* HIREFS SA Coarse Scan (5 orders, 10 to 50 Angstroms)
* HIREFS SX Coarse Scan. (2 orders, 6 to 16 Angstroms)
* HIREFS SC Coarse Scan. (4 orders, 80 to 240 Angstroms)
* HIREFS SB Coarse Scan (1st 5 orders, 30.5 to 120 Angstroms)
* HIREFS SB Coarse Scan (last 5 orders, 30.5 to 120 Angstroms)
* DCM TAP Coarse Scan (1st and 3rd Order, 0.75 to 2.4 keV)
* DCM Ge Coarse Scan (1st and 3rd Order, 2 to 9 keV)
* DCM aSi Coarse Scan (1st Order, 6 to 12 keV)
* Optical depth of filters at measured lines.
* EIPS estimated fluxes for various filters and operating voltages

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