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CXO Project Science:
BND Data for Monochromators


Date: 20 Feb 1998, original release: 27 August 1997

rdb tables of Project Science's spectral analysis of the BND data taken when the monochromators were in use.
fht.HRF.rdb fht.DCM.rdb
fhn.HRF.rdb fhn.DCM.rdb
fhb.HRF.rdb fhb.DCM.rdb
fhs.HRF.rdb fhs.DCM.rdb
fc5.HRF.rdb fc5.DCM.rdb

Ancillary files used in the reduction are ssd.qe (from M. McDermott, MST, from BESSY calibration) & fpc.qe (from R. Edgar, MST, 980622, from BESSY and Phase I results).

The distances along FOA are from the XRCF Source - detector distances web page or in text format.

The data tables include all the DCM and HIREFS data analyzed to date. This includes Phase I but not Phase D data (Jan 21,22,23).

These rdb tables have same info as described in the CAT Project Science Interim Report.

The following points apply:

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