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AXAF Project Science:
CAT Minutes

AXAF Calibration Analysis Team
1998 June 24 minutes (amended)

1	Next telecon is Wednesday, July 08, at 1430 GMT (1030 EDT).
2	See below for revised due dates for Calibration Reports.
3	Access CAT minutes and action items from PS Cal web page (http://wwwastro.msfc.nasa.gov/xraycal/).
4	Closed 2 action items; added 2 NEW action items at 980610 telecon.
5	For full distribution, send E-mail to axaf_cat@alph.msfc.nasa.gov.

Due dates for Calibration Reports:
MST	Jun 24
PS	Jul 08
HRC	Jul 08
ACIS	Jul 15
LETG	Jul 29
HETG	Jul 29

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CAT068	MST	DONE	980619	HRMA effective area
CAT members require a best value for the HRMA effective area, in order to complete "final" calibration reports.
DONE	MST/ Ping Zhou placed the tables, PS files, and their descriptions at http://hea-www.harvard.edu/MST/mirror/www/xrcf/hrma_ea.html (XRCF) and http://hea-www.harvard.edu/MST/mirror/www/orbit/hrma_ea.html (on-orbit).

CAT069	MST	DONE	980622	FPC absolute efficiencies
CAT members require best values for HXDS absolute efficiencies, in order to complete "final" calibration reports.
DONE	MST/ Dick Edgar placed the currently best-available calibration at 	http://hea-www.harvard.edu/MST/simul/xrcf/HXDS/index.html under "Quantum Efficiency".

CAT070	MST	DONE	980623	HSI efficiency vs energy and pore angle
CAT members require current model for dependence of the HSI efficiency upon energy and pore angle.
DONE	MST/ Ian Evans e-mailed to axaf_cat the currently best available HSI efficiency vs. energy and pore angle.


CAT053	MST	Due	980708	Changes in HSI quantum efficiency
During the AXAF calibration activities, charge depletion decreased the gain in the central region of the HSI microchannel plate, resulting in an apparent decrease in quantum efficiency.
OPEN	Develop a strategy for approximately correcting the HSI data for changes in quantum efficiency.

CAT057	MST	Due	980708	Scattering model
Ray-trace predictions use HDOS surface-profiler metrology to predict scattering.
OPEN	Compare surface-metrology scattering predictions with wing-scan data and images; examine effect of differences on effective area and encircled energy. (Need information on possible vignetting by quadrant shutters.)

CAT066	PS	Due	980708	Distances for LETG
LETG team requires data on axial positions of sources, LETG, and detectors, relative to HRMA, both at XRCF and in flight.
OPEN	HETG/ Dan Dewey provided OTG-specific data at HETG web page. PS will assemble table of distances.

CAT071	ASC	Due	980708	HRC-S geometry
LETG finds that ASC-reduced data for the LETG/HRC-S shows an apparent nonlinearity in the dispersion scale.  ASC software may use incorrect pixel spacing or tilt for the HRC-S outer segment.
OPEN	ASC will examine geometric parameters (gap, tilts, and pixel spacing) and analysis software used for HRC-S, to attempt to identify cause of apparent nonlinearity.


CAT072	MST	Due	980708	SSD absolute efficiencies
CAT members require best values for HXDS absolute efficiencies, in order to complete "final" calibration reports.
NEW	MST will provide currently best models for SSD absolute efficiencies.

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