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The Invisible Drivers of Galaxy Formation and Evolution

The assembly, growth, and state of visible matter in cosmic structures are largely driven by violent processes that produce and disperse large amounts of energy and metals into the surrounding medium in the form of hot ionized baryons. Only Lynx will be capable of mapping this hot gas around galaxies and in the Cosmic Web, as well as characterizing in detail all significant modes of energy feedback.

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The Dawn of Black Holes

Massive black holes start to form as early as their host galaxies. Lynx will find the first supermassive black holes in the first galaxies detected by JWST, trace their growth from the seed phase, and shed light on how they subsequently co-evolve with the host galaxies. These young black holes are best observed in the X-ray band.

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the Energetic Side of Stellar Evolution and Stellar Ecosystems

Lynx will probe with unprecedented depth a wide range of high-energy processes that provide a unique perspective on stellar birth and death, internal stellar structure, star-planet interactions, the origin of elements, and violent cosmic events. Lynx will expand our knowledge of collapsed stars through sensitive studies of X-ray binaries in galaxies as distant as 10 Mpc and detailed follow-ups of gravitational wave events.

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