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The Lynx Science and Technology Definition Team (STDT) has chartered several Science Working Groups (SWGs), an Instrument Working Group (IWG), and an Optics Working Group (OWG). The STDT is pleased to invite applications from the community for active participation and membership in these Working Groups.

The Lynx Optics Working Group

The OWG will be responsible for assisting the STDT in demonstrating a credible and feasible path exists to fabricate an X-ray telescope to support the Lynx science goals. The OWG seeks expert assistance from academia, industry and research institutions in identifying potential apporaches for creating the X-ray mirrors and related technologies.

The Lynx Instrument Working Group

The goal of the IWG is to support the STDT in defining the science instruments required for a compelling and executable mission. The IWG will help the STDT translate science goals into technical instrument requirements, provide the STDT information and metrics needed to make scientific tradeoff decisions, and support the STDT in assessing technology readiness and preparing technology development plans and roadmaps.

The Lynx Science Working Groups

The SWGs will be responsible for identifying outstanding science questions, developing a compelling science case, and aiding the STDT with producing a mission concept that best addresses these questions. We welcome members both internal and external to the X-ray community, at all career stages, and from domestic and foreign institutions. For further details, please read the full Science Working Group Charter. Please follow the links below to find out more.