[Artist's Concept of AXAF-I] AXAF Project Science: Catalog of Electron-Impact Source X-Ray Spectra for the XRCF


The following pages are a catalog of x-ray spectra for the targets that will be available for the Electron-Impact Point Source (EIPS) at the XRCF. These spectra are presented in both tabular and graphical (GIF) format to use as planning tools for calibration activities, and to help in the selection and verification of filters for the EIPS.

The spectra presented here are only for the EIPS (with a takeoff angle of 30 degrees). The spectra are presented as (i) the EIPS spectra incident on the HRMA, (ii) the spectra incident to the focal plane after passage through the HRMA, and (iii) the detected photon spectra for a specific detector (i.e., HRC), along with some specific line diagnostics.


* There is a programming error in the calculations of "line purity". The error affects any targets with more than one line; the more lines the worse the error. The plots and tables for "line purity" from the online catalog should not be used until corrections have been made. The plots and tables for spectra are all OK and remain online. An announcement of the correction of this problem will be made here.

* Note that a typographical error occurs in the description of the units at the top of the pages of the filtered source (i.e., before Focal Plane) spectra: the line units and continuum units for the filtered source spectra are photons/(sec-sr-mA) and photons/(keV-sec-sr-mA) respectively, consistent with the units that appear for each table heading.

* All targets are now available in the catalog.

* A discussion concerning the accuracy of the x-ray source model can be found in the Notes on the Source Incident Spectra (below). A postscript version of the SPIE paper on the source model can now be found in this area.

* A small set of source spectra for the Rotating Anode Source (RAS) are now available.

Table of Contents

A List of XRCF EIPS Targets and Filters
Notes on the Source Incident Spectra
Notes on the HRMA Focal Plane Spectra
Notes on the Detected Photon Spectra
RAS Source Spectra

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